Building Information Model (BIM) Fund

Apply for up to S$30,000 funding to build up your company’s BIM collaboration capability to improve productivity in managing building projects.

Purpose of the Scheme

The BIM fund aims to encourage wider adoption of BIM collaboration among the built environment industry firms by defraying part of the cost incurred in training, consultancy, software or hardware. Benefits of BIM include:

  1. Better coordination across various disciplines in the entire construction value chain.
  2. Early identification and resolution of design conflicts.
  3. Cost savings due to less reworks downstream.

Eligibility Criteria

All Singapore-registered construction companies who are also registered with either of the following:

  • Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
  • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore (ACRA)
  • Professional Engineers Board Singapore (PEB)
  • Board of Architects (BOA)

Applicants must be a member of an ongoing or upcoming local construction project that utilises BIM.

Qualifying Activities & Funding Support

Supportable Items Support Level, Funding Cap and Maximum Number of Applications
1. Training costs

2. Consultancy costs

3. Hardware (excluding printer, and storage etc.) costs

4. BIM or collaboration software costs or subscription

All costs are exclusive of GST

All supportable items must be acquired only after the Letter of Offer has been issued by BCA.

Support Level

50% of the supportable item cost if collaboration achieves at least 20% KPI* improvement.

70% of the supportable item cost if collaboration achieves at least 30% KPI* improvement.

Funding Cap
$30,000 per applicant

Maximum Number of Applications
Each firm can submit up to a maximum of 3 applications starting from July 2015.

Disbursement of Fund
All funds will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis. The conclusive terms regarding disbursement will be set out in the Letter of Offer and its annexes.

*KPI refers to the Key Performance Indicators as found in the BIM Execution Plan Template.

Important Notes

  1. Each application must carry out BIM collaboration (based on scope outlined in Point 7 of the BIM Execution Plan Template) on an on-going or upcoming local construction project with GF not less than 5,000sqm.
  2. The BIM collaboration must involve at least 2 different disciplines (e.g. Architect, Contractor). To qualify for 70% funding support level, the project must involve at least 3 disciplines with a Main Contractor. Furthermore, the project shall involve from Pre-Tender to Post-Tender stage with model handover from consultant to contractor. The design models to be handed over must be well coordinated and meet the model quality guidelines found in the “BIM Execution Plan Template”.
  3. BCA officer(s) must be invited to witness at least 1 BIM coordination meeting where the extent and results of BIM collaboration are to be demonstrated clearly.
  4. All firms involved in the collaboration are to submit a joint Completion Report within 12 months from the acceptance date of the Letter of Offer.

To Apply

  1. Please submit your grant application through the Business Grants Portal (BGP).
  2. Prepare all supporting documents including quotations (hardware, software, training and consultancy services), training outlines, consultancy scope, if applicable.
  3. Pre-consultation will be arranged after the submission of the application form. Applicants are required to make a presentation to BCA Officer on the following:a. Proposed scope of project (E.g. Goals, objective)
    b. BIM methodology (E.g. Process, master plan)
    c. Expected outcome (E.g. KPIs)
  4. The outcome of the application will be given within 21 working days on the condition that all necessary information is fully furnished.
  5. You will need to obtain a Letter of Approval from the BCA before entering a contract with the BIM software vendor or service provider.

For More Info

Building Information Model (BIM) Fund

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
200 Braddell Road
Academic Tower, Level 10
Singapore 579700
Tel: (65) 6730 4540
Email: [email protected]