Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) Scheme

Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) Scheme

Operate your business more efficiently by re-engineering your work processes and adopting labour-efficient technologies.

Purpose of the Scheme

Businesses get co-funding when they re-engineer site processes or adopt labour-efficient construction technologies to reduce site workers or improve site productivity.

Eligibility Criteria

All Singapore-registered construction businesses with projects that generate savings in man-days or improve productivity in specific site processes by at least:

  • 20% for the Standard PIP Scheme; or
  • 30% – 40% for the Enhanced PIP Scheme or Industry category.

Funding Support

Category Standard PIP Scheme Enhanced PIP Scheme
Firm Co-funded up to 50%


Capped at S$100,000 per application

Co-funded up to 70%*

Capped at S$300,000 per application# (For selected technologies#)#

Group (To be a joint project by at least 2 unrelated companies)or


Co-funded up to 50%


Capped at S$500,000 per application generally

Co-funded up to 70%*


Capped at S$500,000 per application

(To be actively
led by a Public Agency
with at least 2 unrelated
Co-funded up to 70%*


Capped at S$1M per application


(Funding is for private sector companies only)

Co-funded up to 70%


Capped at S$5M per application**


S$10M (from 1st June 2015)**


*Firm or firms must achieve at least 30% productivity improvement.
** Firms must achieve at least 40% productivity improvement and technology must demonstrate a potential to have an impact on the whole industry.

The following costs may be considered for co-funding:

  • Manpower
  • Equipment
  • Material
  • Professional Services / Subcontracting
  • Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights.

Funds are given on reimbursement basis and upon completion of project deliverables.

To Apply

To apply for PIP grant, please arrange for a preliminary discussion with the following officers:

Ms Fan Suet Lay
Tel: (65) 6804 4242
Email: [email protected]


Ms Kate Lim Mui Keng
Tel: (65) 6804 4243
Email: [email protected]

For More Info

Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) Scheme

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