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Talent Assistance

Talent Assistance

The Talent-Assist provides funding support for the capability development of media practitioners, in line with MDA’s policy intent to grow a strong Singapore core of media talents in a flourishing media industry.

Purpose of the Scheme

The scheme helps:

  • Organisations in the media industry to defray costs of hiring and training individuals with no prior experience in the media industry, and to defray costs of sending their experienced employees to other companies for apprenticeship opportunities to upskill.
  • Individuals such as fresh media graduates, existing media professionals and full-time media freelancers get funding for training and apprenticeships.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore-registered organisations with at least one Media Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code
  • Individual applicants who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents

Funding Support

Description Funding
Training Allowance (For Media Freelancers) Successful applicants will be funded up to S$1,800 per month, at a rate of S$7.50 per training hour, capped at a maximum of S$9,000 per individual over 5 calendar years.
Enhanced Apprenticeship

(For experienced practitioners and employees)

Local Apprenticeship
Successful applicants will be funded up to 70% of the employee’s monthly salary, or up to S$3,200 per month (whichever is the lower amount), up to a period of six months (defined as 182 calendar days).Overseas attachments
Successful applicants will be funded for the individual’s airfare and living allowances, calculated based on the cost of living for the country of apprenticeship, up to a period of six months (defined as 182 calendar days). The living allowance is a stipend to be used for subsistence allowance, accommodation and transport.
Training Programmes a. Creative Industries (CI) WSQ Training Programmes

  • For SMEs – Up to 90% of course fees. SMEs can also claim for Absentee Payroll funding of 80% of basic hourly salary, at a cap of S$7.50 per hour.
  • For non-SMEs – Up to 70% of course fees. Employers can claim for Absentee Payroll funding of 80% of hourly salary, at a cap of S$4.50 per hour.

b. Non-CI WSQ Specialised Media Training Programmes
Up to 90% of course fees, capped at S$15,000 annually. For specialised media training available only overseas, IMDA can also provide support to defray airfare and living expenses.

Hire and Train Successful applicants will be funded up to 70% of the candidate’s basic monthly salary (excluding employer’s CPF contribution, bonus and Annual Wage Supplement [AWS]), capped at S$2,000 per month, for a fixed period of six months.
Media Education Scholarship
  • Tuition fees and other compulsory university fees
  • Annual allowance from sponsoring media company to defray living expenses

To Apply                

  • Interested applicants may apply for Talent Assistance all year round.
  • For applicants of Training Allowance (for full-time media freelancers only) or Specialised Training Grants for local or overseas courses, please apply online at Six Degrees’ ​application ​portal.
  • For applicants of Hire and Train or Enhanced Apprenticeship, please review the Talent Assistance Application and Scheme guidelines here for the Hire & Train grant and here for Enhanced Apprenticeships before submitting their applications. Applications must be submitted via IMDA’s Online Grant Management System (OGMS).

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Talent Assistance

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