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Training Industry Professionals In Tourism (TIP-iT)

Training Industry Professionals In Tourism (TIP-iT)

Is your business in the tourism industry? Get a grant to send your staff for upgrading as well as talent and leadership development.

Purpose of the Scheme        

Supports tourism companies in employee upgrading as well as talent and leadership development.

Eligibility Criteria                                                   

All Singapore-registered businesses or companies that wish to:

  • enhance their employees’ capabilities,
  • develop a pipeline of skilled talent, and
  • provide leadership training for high potential middle managers.

Funding Support

  • TIP-iT supports initiatives relating to:

a. Employee Upgrading – Provides incentives for training and course development in tourism-related skill sets which enhances the capability and productivity of the workforce. Scope of training supported includes New/Specialised Skills, Multi-skilling, and Enhanced Service Delivery.

b. Tourism Talent and Leadership Development – A scholarship scheme which aims to attract young talents into the tourism sector and groom middle management leaders of tourism companies to be leaders of tomorrow.

  • STB will assess proposed projects based on how the project:
    • enhances manpower capabilities to improve business efficiency and visitor experience, and
    • supports the tourism sector in talent and leadership development.

For more details on supported activities and qualifying costs under each category, please refer to Level of Support.

To Apply

  • You should send an executive summary of your proposed project to [email protected]. An officer will contact you to assist you in the application process.
  • Please note that projects that have commenced prior to STB’s offer of the grant may not be eligible. Applicants are encouraged to contact STB before starting the project.

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Training Industry Professionals In Tourism (TIP-iT)

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